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Off-Road Driving Instruction and rides for everyone

fun begins where the pavement ends

Trail Team Offroad Adventures' goal is to help you move from the street to the trail, helping you build confidence in your skill as a driver, and trust in your capable 4-wheel drive vehicle.  During our TT101 course, we provide educational and experience-based instruction for the new off-roader, while maintaining a safe and controlled environment for you and your vehicle. Our TT102 and TT201 rides build on what you’ve learned in our TT101 course, and help you further develop your confidence and skill, while exploring new trails.


The excitement and FUN of taking your rig off-road, while building friendships is at the core of the Trail Team Offroad Adventures' mission. 

We look forward to seeing you on the trail with us.

Learn more about Trail Team Offroad Adventures here

Full 2023 Ride Calendar to be released February 25th

upcoming rides and events

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"A friend recommended I join the 101 ride. The guides do an amazing job of showing you what your Jeep can do, and building your confidence in off-roading. I enjoyed the 101 so much I did the 101 again. Thanks for showing me how much fun off-roading can be!"

Covington, KY


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