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The Jeep Lifestyle exclusive TT101 Ride



Trail Team Offroad Adventures is excited to partner with The Jeep Lifestyle to offer an exclusive TT101 Ride event only available to The Jeep Lifestyle members.

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The TT101 Ride is the foundational course offered by Trail Team Offroad Adventures. In this course you will learn to safely operate your rig in various off-road situations. We begin with a basic walk around of your rig to ensure it’s safe for the day on the trail. We show you the items to protect under the rig as well as providing instruction on airing down your tires to increase the tread surface area for traction and disconnecting your front sway bar to allow for increased axle articulation. At the drivers meeting, we cover basic off-road terminology and rules  before proceeding to various terrains throughout the park. Guides will demonstrate a skill, then have you complete various obstacles, driving techniques while practicing the do’s/don’ts of the trail, all under the supervision of a skilled and trained guide.

Trail Team Offroad Adventures does not charge for our rides.

Most parks will have an entry charge per driver and per passenger. Additional costs such as a safety flag might be required by the park. Please visit the park's website for information, requirements and current costs.

While this ride is designed around stock rigs and caution is taken to minimize impact to the vehicle it is not uncommon to scratch a wheel, hit skid plates/control arms under the rig or hit a rock rail, especially those with steps. Please keep this in mind when choosing to sign up.

These rides are limited in number of participants to allow proper instruction and attention is given to each driver. Sign up early to reserve your spot!

Not sure what to expect? 

See what you and your rig can do on our TT101 ride...

Suggested Equipment:

Please bring basic tools to air down tires, disconnect your sway bar and tow strap with no metal ends

Trail Team will have on hand radios, additional off-road gear such as fire extinguishers, advanced recovery gear, first aid and more.

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