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TT overlanding

Overlanding with Trail Team is your chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The TT Overlanding Ride is focused on exploring remote areas instead of tackling the next challenging trail. The self-supported nature of Overlanding creates a unique challenge and brings a sense of accomplishment. Your Trail Team guide will plan, navigate, and assist in spotting challenging obstacles or recovery but will not spot you through every obstacle. If you have no previous off-road experience, we encourage you to take part in one of our instructional TT101 Rides to learn more about the capabilities of your rig and develop your skills as a driver.  


Each TT Overlanding Ride will vary in duration, challenge and logistics. Ride information is provided on the event registration page with more detailed discussion leading up to the ride on your My Ride Group page. 


Due to the distance covered and unknown nature of these exploratory rides participants must be open and understanding of potential changes during the ride, including ending time, miles covered, stopping points and more. Participants will also be responsible for costs such as park fees, land passes, camping fees, etc. 

Overlanding rides will consist of a mix of pavement, gravel, unmaintained roads and trails. With this varied terrain it is not uncommon to scratch a wheel, encounter scratches from branches, hit skid plates/control arms under the rig or hit a rock rail, especially those with steps. In any off roading environment further damage is always possible. Please keep this in mind when choosing to sign up.

These rides are limited to 10 vehicles. Sign up early to reserve your spot!

Not sure what to expect? 

See what you and your rig can do overlanding...

Suggested Equipment:

All-Terrain Tires

Two Recovery Points

Full Size Spare

Recovery Gear

Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Kit

GMRS Radio

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